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Getting better does not have to be an uphill battle: Find the best New York rehabilitation center and start recovering right away

An addiction often seems like a permanent struggle with oneself. You go into a downhill spiral of abuse, faile... Read More →

New York Drug Addiction Treatment

New York Drug Addiction Treatment

New York drug addiction treatment and New York drug addiction detox is available through inpatient drug treatment

When it comes to drug abuse in the United States, addiction rates are on the rise in cities across the country. This is especially prevalent in metropolitan areas, where a variety of drugs are easily accessible. Recent data fr... Read More →

Heroin Drug Treatment in New York NY

heroin drug treatment new york ny Heroin overdose rates have been on the rise in recent years due to the higher availability and lower cost of the drug. Heroin overdose rates are impacted not only by long-term users who can eventually overdose as their bodies build up a tolerance to the drug that they are constant trying to keep up with but also by new, recreational users who thin... Read More →

Drug Rehab New York City Begins It’s Summer PTSD

Drug Rehab New York City has begun its summer mental health and wellness campaign to correspond with the National PTSD Awareness Month...

Drug Rehab New York City Begins It’s PTSD and Dual Diagnosis Outreach Campaign in New York, New York to Coincide with PTSD Awareness Month Drug Rehab New York City has begun its summer mental healt... Read More →

New York NY Meth Addiction Rehab

new york ny meth addiciton rehab One of the most addictive drugs on the street is methamphetamine, which is available as either a crystal or a powder. Meth addiction is a serious problem in this country, causing medical complications and often death. The long-term effects of meth addiction are marked and serious, but even first-time users can have serious complications and even de... Read More →

New York NY Addiction Treatment

new york ny addiction treatment New York NY addiction treatment centers have seen an influx of patients using flakka, a synthetic compound that is used for its psychoactive effects. The name comes from Spanish, "la flacca," meaning a thin, beautiful woman. It is a fast-acting stimulant drug that causes extreme behavioral reactions and can be deadly to the user. The new compound h... Read More →

Prescription Drug Abuse Targeted in New York Pharmacy

prescription drug abuse ny Residents of Sag Harbor can now dispose of unwanted medications at their local pharmacy. Robert Chaloner, president and CEO of Southampton Hospital, announced sponsorship to create a pharmaceutical receptacle at Sag Harbor Pharmacy. The program was created in order for citizens to dispose of their prescription drugs properly so that they don’t en... Read More →

Benefits of Group Therapy New York, NY

group therapy new york ny Group therapy has been a core component of the drug rehabilitation process for decades. While there are many treatment programs such as holistic treatment, dual diagnosis and gender specific treatment programs that are not readily found in most rehab centers, almost every treatment center around the world has group therapy as a part of their servic... Read More →